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PayPal is one of the largest and famous online payment systems that allow users to transfers money online. It serves as an online alternative platform to old-styled paper methods. Founded in 1998, PayPal is an American based company that provides simple and fast money transfer and transactions for online retailers, auction sites and other users. 

All-most all the features of this amazing online pavement system are free of cost but it charges a small fee in exchange for its some special services such as one-click transaction, password memory and Activate PayPal Card.

The company is the proud rank holder of the 2019 Fortune 500 list- the largest cooperation by revenue in the United States. The millions of users use PayPal account for transfer money and make the purchase within a few minutes, no matter where you are transferring the money. The company is often linked with eBay- an online buying/selling platform, as it used to be maintained by the online auction house. However, it started its operation as a separate business in 2015.

Currently, PayPal has over 305 million active accounts which make this firm one of the largest of its kind. Each passing minute, thousands of people use this online payment system to buy or transfer money all around the world.

When the number of active users is so large, it’s important to maintain fast and quick customer service. Our helpline is available 24/7 and operates worldwide.

Let’s see how we can help you with your issues such as Activate PayPal Card.

What is PayPal Cash Card?

In partnership with MasterCard, the innovative PayPal Cash Card allow its users to use the money easily to shop online and in every store where Mastercard is accepted or withdraw cash at ATMs all around the world. All with no minimum balance, no credit check, and no monthly fee. Plus, it’s easy to Activate PayPal Card. This is not a credit card so no requirements of credit check.

Benefits of PayPal/Activate Card

The PayPal cash card comes with a range of benefits that make your online payment convenient and fast.

Easy to reload and add money in your card

Add money in your PayPal Cash Card funded easily with its fast reload method. The card is linked to your PayPal account money balance so it is essential to ensure that you have money available in your PayPal account.

Direct Deposit

You can easily Set up a Direct Deposit, at no cost, with your government benefits provider or employer to fund your balance automatically.

Cash a Check

With a PayPal/Activate Card you can add check funds easily to your account balance within a few minutes. You can use your smartphone’s camera to add checks funds with your PayPal app.

Cash Loads

With PayPal app bar code scanner or swipe your PayPal/Activate Card to add money to your account balance at one of over 100,000 locations nationwide 

Bank Transfer

With a PayPal/Activate transfer money from your linked bank account straight to your PayPal balance.

How to Activate PayPal Card?

You can Activate PayPal Card by calling on our 24-hour customer care helpline or through online procedure by following the steps mentioned below:

Activate PayPal Card on

  • Visit
  • Log in with your account details and enter the required information. 
  • Click on Activate Card.
  • You required to provide some details including your Social Security number and date of birth as required by the USA Patriot Act.

Activate PayPal Card on the PayPal Mobile App:

  • Log in with your account details
  • Tap on Settings cog located on the top right corner
  • Click on PayPal Cash Card
  • Enter all required information
  • Tap on Activate Card

After the procedure, you can use PayPal/Activate Card balance for shopping and making payment.

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